Sunday, August 7, 2011

Declaration of Fukushima Future Forum

Bandai Atami, Fukushima
July 28, 2011

We believe that God providentially allowed the triple disaster in Fukushima brought on by East Japan Great Earthquake (Ps.18:6-7).
We especially believe that God has a specific and unique plan for Fukushima, where we have experienced not only the earthquake and tsunami, but in addition, extensive radiation contamination caused by the explosion at the Fukushima First nuclear power plant.
We, who have prayed that His Kingdom may come (Mt. 6:10), believe that the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled in Fukushima and this prefecture will become a model of His Kingdom.
We believe that the Lord will use local churches to restore the destroyed and contaminated land of Fukushima through serving the local communities (Is. 54:3), Then Fukushima will be filled with beautiful nature, fruitful agricultural plants, and new communities of restored relationships among people.
We firmly believe that at that time Fukushima prefecture will live up to the meaning of its name (“Fuku” means both good news and blessing and “Shima” means land) and God’s glory will be revealed.

As we read His word of II Chron.7:14, we will concentrate on listening to the Lord (Ps.37:7), humbling ourselves before Him, repenting, seeking His face, turning from our wicked ways, and asking for His wisdom. We will serve those who are in positions of weakness (Mt.25:40). We will walk alongside with them, and love them with small actions of love (mustard seed). By obeying the words of Jesus, we will engage ourselves in restoring warm and trusting family relationships; as a result all the members can rejoice together. We will contribute to building a society where all persons may be able to live with God-given dignity. We will bring up people of the next generation with the fragrance of Christ, and send them out to all spheres of the society, such as education, politics, economy, media, agriculture, science, and the arts. We will endeavor to liberate ourselves and others from the lifestyle of greed. We also will promote the utilization of sustainable energy.
In order to accomplish these above, as the Body of Christ, we will offer our God-given gifts and labor together to expand a network of learning and serving one another (Ep.4:16).

32 participants at Fukushima Future Forum

We, who shared the same experience of the triple disaster of March 11, 2011, gathered together from July 25 through 28 in Bandai Atami, Koriyama city to pray and seek God’s guidance for the future of Fukushima. Fukushima Future Forum was sponsored by Friends with the Voiceless International (FVI) and endorsed by the Lausanne Movement in Japan.
After much prayer and discussion, 32 participants wrote the above declaration.

For the original declaration in Japanese and for more information about the Forum, please click

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